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Safer Internet Centre

The “Generazioni Connesse“ project is the Italian Safer Internet Centre co-funded by European Commission. It aims at continuing the experience that has been underway since 2013 and, at the same time, improving, strengthening and broadening the role it has undertaken at a national level by the Safer Internet Centre. The aim is to become an ever-greater national reference point on topics related to a safer and better Internet for young people. The Safer Internet Centre is made up of an Awareness Centre, two Hotlines, and a Helpline.

The Consortium that operates in the Safer Internet Centre is coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affaire – Postal and Communication Police, National Ombudsperson for Childhood and Adolescence, University of Florence, University of La Sapienza – Inter University Centre, Save the Children Italia Onlus,  SOS – Il Telefono Azzurro Onlus, Social Cooperative E.D.I., Movimento Difesa del Cittadino,  
The Consortium takes advantages by an Advisory Board that expands to public, private and third-sector players.

The general objective of the project is that of encouraging the right conditions for the promotion of initiatives that help make the Internet a better and more trusted place for children and young people.

While the project is addressed primarily to children and adolescents: 6 – 18 years old however parents, educators, teachers  and youth professionals will be involved.

The Safer Internet Centre implements a number of actions:

  1. Awareness and information actions aimed mainly at schools - by schools we mean a combination of management staff, families, teachers and students – throughout the country; the planned interventions foresee the participation of the above-mentioned groups both online, through the use of an ad-hoc digital platform, as well as through face-to-face workshops in the field. The latter will make use of innovative practices like peer-education. These activities will be bolstered by the creation of educational and informative materials intended for children, adolescents and educators - teachers and parents - and by the promotion of existing online quality resources available at a national and European levels.
  2. Dissemination and visibility actions: developing a communication campaign that is capable of being reproduced with continuity for the entire duration of the project. The campaign is driven by traditional Media - TV, radio and printed material –, online channels, in particular social networks, and the channels placed at our disposal by third parties who have chosen to support the project.
  3. Actions to combat the spread of illegal material online: with support of two Hotline services for the reporting of online child sexual abuse, racist or xenophobic material. For some time now the two Hotlines have collaborated with the Postal and Communication Police (a project partner) through the drawing up of specific agreement protocols and the application of shared operational procedures. The two Hotlines contribute – in accordance to what is allowed by national legislation – to the core European platform database. Furthermore, the Hotline services collaborate with Postal and Communication Police to develop possible actions that will permit to analyse reported contents, identify and remove faster illegal or damaging online material.
  4. Support and guidance assistance, thanks the availability of an innovative Helpline – the first in Europe so far - that using an integrative platform can be accessed via telephone, chat, Skype, SMS or WhatsApp. This comprehensive system can respond to any request for advice or help coming from children, adolescents, and adults who are seeking information on how to deal with uncomfortable or dangerous situations affecting minors. The Helpline service collaborates with the most relevant social networks in order to identify new trends concerning online risks (e.g. those related to the use of social networks by under 13) and find solutions and policies that will contribute to ensure a more child friendly and safety environment.


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